Marketing and Media Consultants

Digital Marketing

With over 20 years of experience working with small businesses and start-ups, assisting with development and growth to achieve their potential.

Setting up new ventures and providing support for their ongoing development.

With a strong desire to succeed, we have set up a few own ventures and helped many others to achieve their goals along the way. was launched on entrepreneurial beliefs and principles as online marketing support for start-ups and small businesses.  

We dedicate 15 hours per week, at no cost, providing advice and guidance for businesses that qualify for free assistance.  

Consulting business owners, operators and their teams on marketing, advertising, branding, concept development, project management, and funding.

As an online digital agency, we assist with website design, development and optimization, relevant keyword research and selection, content creation, link building, landing pages, advice, set up and all SEO elements for organic ranking.

Ad strategy and optimization, achieving higher ROAS on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads. Keyword research, A/B testing, Keyword grouping and traffic sculpting, audience targeting, retargeting and bid strategies. Creating enticing ad copy, headlines and content that sells.

Helping you to grow your site’s traffic and retain visitors by offering an engaging, valuable and smart content, with your knowledge and input and backed by research and expertise. Maximizing lead generation, funnelled through to conversion, using google friendly SEO tactics. Tapping to previously untapped opportunities.

We believe in the integration of an online marketing strategy as a fundamental building block into the structure of any business from the outset. Allowing to capitalize on opportunities and compete in the global marketplace.

Your need specific service, from a host of possibilities, targeted to deliver your desired outcome.

If you think we can be of help, please drop us a line with no strings attached, to introduce yourself and we’ll be happy to look at your requirements and help you to achieve your goals and targets.